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Medical Office Spaces Just Leased

Carleton Compton leased 7,088 square feet of medical space on 66th Street in Pinellas Park to Florida Primary Care Centers, LLC. He represented the Landlord in the deal. Carleton also leased 2,345 SF of medical space to Labcorp in Downtown St. Petersburg. Click here for more information!


How Does Cost Segregation Help?

Cost Segregation is a tax planning tool that helps owners of commercial real estate save significantly on their federal income taxes. Let the Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team put you in front a Cost Segregation Specialist today! Cost Segregation

What does the future hold for Urgent Care Medicine?

Physicians training in primary care specialties such as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics are pursuing additional education in Urgent Care Medicine, and seasoned physicians are becoming Board Certification in Urgent Care Medicine. As the specialty grows and the demand for convenient and immediate care continues to rise the need and competition amongst Urgent Care providers

The Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team feels that as long as the demand for convenient and immediate care continues to rise, the demand for Urgent Cares will continue.

Our team specializes in Urgent Care Site Selection. Please visit us at Website or Urgent Care Real Estate

Site Seletion

Finding the ideal site begins with the basics:

1. Traffic counts & demographics
2. Market analysis
3. Property size
4. among others….

To learn more about how the Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team can help you find the right site please visit our website:

Site Selection

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