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Does Technology play a role in Site Selection?

Tremendous amounts of data and information are available today including 1. Demographic Studies 2. Traffic Counts 3. Mapping and future projections 4. Payor Mixes and 5. Competition.

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Should you Lease or Buy your Real Estate?

Start-up cost for a business can be costly when considering the following factors: 1. Potential Franchise Fees 2. Interior build-out costs 3. Equipment cost and 4. Future growth. With these cost in mind and knowing new businesses take time to turn a profit makes renting worth considering – especially if access to Capital is limited. All circumstances are different, and tax considerations could come into play as well.

The Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team has the tools to assist in determining whether to Lease or Buy. For more information please visit our website at Website.

What does the future hold for Urgent Care Medicine?

Physicians training in primary care specialties such as Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics are pursuing additional education in Urgent Care Medicine, and seasoned physicians are becoming Board Certification in Urgent Care Medicine. As the specialty grows and the demand for convenient and immediate care continues to rise the need and competition amongst Urgent Care providers

The Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team feels that as long as the demand for convenient and immediate care continues to rise, the demand for Urgent Cares will continue.

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Site Seletion

Finding the ideal site begins with the basics:

1. Traffic counts & demographics
2. Market analysis
3. Property size
4. among others….

To learn more about how the Equity Healthcare Real Estate Team can help you find the right site please visit our website:

Site Selection

Medical Center of Trinity


From what we know, it appears the Hospital and MOB will be operational within the next several months-as soon as Winter 2011.

If you are looking to expand or relocate into this market, please keep us in mind……we have inventory!!!

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Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel slated to open Fall 2012!!

This Hospital will create 400 new jobs and infuse additional economic growth in the area through development spinoff, officials said.
Looking to expand in this area? Call us ………..we specialize in site selection for both medical and general office users and know this market well.

Is your Lease about to Expire????

If your Lease is going to be expiring within the next 12 months and you are considering relocating or not renewing your Lease, some things to consider:

* is there a Holdover Clause in the existing Lease? If so, you might be obligated to pay more in rent should you continue to occupy the space past the original lease expiration.

* is there an Automatic Renewal Clause in the Lease? If so, and you do not provide written notice to the Landlord that you will be vacating or staying by a date specified in the Lease the Lease will automatically renew.

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